Saturday, January 10, 2009

(a car-less bus ride)

::my bus-boredom creation::

i sold my car recently and now i'm carless, meaning i take the bus for just about two hours everyday to get to school and then back home. but its nice. for all you hippie commuters out there (i'm sure your doing it because you care about the planet, and not about your wallet (: ) sometimes there is just not much there.

MY FIVE FAVORITE Best Things to do on a Bus

1. SLEEP (can anyone argue that this is not the best answer for any free time?)
2. HOMEWORK/PAY.THE.BILLS (so awesome because when you get home you get free timeee)
3. PEOPLE.WATCH (one of my very very very favorite past-times)
5. LISTEN.TO.ROYKSOPP (somehow the beat of the music always follows the pattern of trees/buildings passing by, which is doubly amazing)

okay, so i originally wanted this to be "ten best things to do on a bus," but...yeah bus rides are just...BORING.



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