Wednesday, November 19, 2008

(big plans)

i love playing dress up. mo' loves playing dress up. and we will play dress up on the this blog, very, very, very soon. I'm thinking of doing a daily picture of our outfits..when?..everyday, just in case you didn't catch that the first time. ha ha.
now, your probably wondering my reasoning behind this: well for one, it would be utterly fun, so fun! and for two, it would give you a more personal sense of exactly what kind of fashion we love.

we love you
and we love fashion
and our pet blog is where it all comes together!

by the way, the above picture is of my baby kitty me and my bean-hating Guatemalan boy dressed up as well...a baby (just in case you didn't get that one either) for my art project. Semi, kinda, really cute, huh?


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jump in the Pool... Friendly Fires

 The last post really had me thinking of summer and pools (hence the amazing song... you're welcome) and laying out all day to get that beautiful golden tan that i am so missing right now. On another note, that also gets me thinking about bathing suits (yikes) and having to look good in one and that fact that i should quit the burritos that are oh so delicious and that i tend to  inhale after nearly dying at the gym. But the burrito store thats so conveniently located on my way home makes the most amazing breakfast burritos all day long and they are open 24 hours. I think i need to move...

So... I have been avoiding a paper that I really should be working on and have instead been doing some much needed catch up on the Spring/Resort '09 Collections. I spent the better part of my day yesterday taking naps in between reviewing the collections. I am again like many other ladies out there that is in love with the amazing Ms. Diane Von Furstenburg. Her patterns are amazing and just putting on one of her dresses gives you that extra skip in your walk that makes the day brighter. Especially since I recently learned that you don't need to be 5'9" to wear long dresses (thanks to Alex for filling me in on this little known fact). I know Thanksgiving isn't even here yet (mmmm..... turkey) but looking at the resort collections made me yearn for summer...

Monday, November 17, 2008

(on the note of shoes)

so yes, maureen is a heel girl, an extreme heel girl (no that is not an exaggeration, this girl would climb mount everest, or any other mountain of comparable difficulty to climb, in heels).

not that i dont like heals, i want to wear more of them buttt...

i on the other hand, am more of a flats girl. and these little ankle booty-boots are what i am searching for right this moment. I'm making the voyage to LA this weekend just to find them (well, maybe not...but lets pretend i was that cool). wish me luck on my search for cute boots!paceyamor

photocredits: delias


So, like many other women out there, i have a serious obsession with heels. I just love them. Everything about them (totally worth the blisters from time to time). I know it sounds silly but I love the sound that they make when you're walking, that click click click sound. Heaven. So... there will be quite a few posts devoted to this problem/obsession/addiction of mine. Take for example, these Camilla Skovgaard heels. Perfection. I think that they would be worth every penny of the $475 price tag.

photo cred: shopbop

(eye want these for my eyes)

excuse me, but...HELLO! these are the best glasses to ever exist on earth, and i love them to death (more like i luhh dem to deaf!). You can change the color of them by changing the ink that's inside of them-genious! so genious!! I would be more than happy to give up my perfect vision, just to look ultra cool in these!
what ultimate glasses!
(yes, i love words that begin with U today).


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So pretty much our favorite place to hide and sip on coffee/tea and nibble on cupcakes is this wonder place called Influx in Golden Hill. Natasha discovered it and has gotten me hooked. For one they have free internet (hella rad), they have comfy seats (a necessity), and amazing food and drinks. Ok... so i haven't tried the real food yet because i never want to get too full for cupcakes, but i mean, come on, just look at them, you would totally not wanna get too full on anything else either...

Perro Caliente...

So... natasha wrote about our amazing hot dogs. Yes... bacon wrapped hot dogs. (every bite was like walking on clouds in heaven...) And then she wrote about puppies. I reallllly want one for christmas. Puggle anyone? Yeah, the cutest thing you've ever seen. So i thought that i'd combine the two...

(all i want for christmas is ... a puppy)

puppies have been on my mind lately, because for some freaking reason everyone i know has been getting one. now that the weather's finally cold and nippy, i wish i had a baby pup to cuddle in my arms while making/wrapping christmas gifts.

i am tots (ha ha i've been wanting to use that word for the longest time) wishing for one for christmas, even though i know i wont have one forever cause i have baby kitties, which sucks, now i seriously wish i could return them to the pound.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

(los angeles is for me)

i would live here just for fun, la is the place for me.

we did a cute little trip to los angeles today and did some shopping around in the wholesale district. we found lots and lots of goodies for way too cheap.

besides the bracelet that a bought for 3 bucks, we got the most amazingly wonderfully fantastically delicious bacon wrapped hot dogs (perros calitenes!!! haha!) with onion all over.

it was a fun day even maureen and i didn't quite get the chance to take any LA pictures (ohhh do not get me started on how awesome the buildings are in downtown, there is so much potential there...).

on another note, do you like my creep-o picture?

Monday, November 10, 2008

(turkey turkey!)

call me a hundred percent carnivorous, but turkeys make me so happy. i could eat them year round. i am so excited, cause i just bought my first 19 pound turkey!

and i REALLY cant wait to pop it in the oven and cook that bitch up, cause i luhh that shyt to deaf. i luhh it, i just do.

really though, doesn't the holiday season make you so happy, i think it makes me overly happy, considering this is my second post on holidays in one day! okay...

(a holiday for holidays)

tomorrow is Veteran's day and will be an adventure indeed, as Maureen and I will be finding our ways over to the Los Angeles wholesale district..and i cannot wait until we come back with all our goodies. We're going to buy lots and lots of fabric to make pretty things for ourselves, and i'm buying to make things for christmas gifts. these cute little towel leaf wallets in the picture above take around ten minutes to make, and make a cute bag for a gift. i love love love getting my creative-on during the holidays, hand made everythings are the best. yesss. you are jealous if you are not on my Christmas list.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

(november's ray at nite)

last night was ray at night, this cool little event in North Park. I'm sure most of you have heard of it, but for those of you who haven't, it happens on the first Saturday of every month where most of the galleries on ray st. open up their doors to the public and show their art. how cute, right?

On the most part (even though it was pretty small) people were pretty cool, you know, besides the occasional crazy-crack-head-could-be-artist people. ha ha. The Art's pretty cool, but i liked looking into the artists' studios themselves more. So awesome!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

(november's thursday nite thing)

on Thursday me and Maureen and our lovely Gracie and my bean-hating Guatemalan boyfriend started our afternoon off with delicious teas and cupcakes at Influx Cafe, in Golden Hill (this place is the coolest of cool places to ever exist). Then mozzi'ed our way over to Lotus Thai in East Village for a quick bite to eat, and then (DUN DUN DUN--not the bad dun dun dun, the good, happy one!)we finally made it to TNT (Thursday Night Thing). This is an art show that happens at MOCA in Downtown San Diego on the first Thursday of every month. There was some Very Very interesting stuff there.

Any who, so what ended up making my night was this: I was strolling through this elegant little hallway minding my own business until I realized: HOLY-SHITAKEE MUSHROOM CINDY SHERMAN is on the wall (one of my favorite artists). okay, maybe not that exciting to YOU, but to ME it was.

Also, another notable event of the night:
I stepped on a cockroach the size of Louisiana, that's right and i killed it, im a horrible person. ekk.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out there and VOTE today!