Monday, February 2, 2009

(and in the mail it came)

seriously. critical mass was amazing, and I have spent the entire weekend recounting every single part of it (including the getting lost and going to point loma part) haha.

but BESIDES that, something new has captured my interest. something that came in the mail two seconds ago. my WHOPPER SACRIFICE....also known as the best thing to ever happen...EVAR.

a few weeks ago i wrote about a facebook application made by burger king that allows you to delete ten of your friends to receive a free whopper (of course, the application tells your "friend" you are deleting why you deleted them, which is....horribly amazing/bad-ass). eh-hem....who could resist? I am going to proudly present this to my local burger king tomorrow. oh man, this is going to be so so epic.

OH and i was just informed by our lovely maureen that today is groundhog day. Boy i live in a cave sometimes...Happy G Day affectionate people!!

hell yes, what an ugly cute mofo!!


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