Saturday, November 8, 2008

(november's thursday nite thing)

on Thursday me and Maureen and our lovely Gracie and my bean-hating Guatemalan boyfriend started our afternoon off with delicious teas and cupcakes at Influx Cafe, in Golden Hill (this place is the coolest of cool places to ever exist). Then mozzi'ed our way over to Lotus Thai in East Village for a quick bite to eat, and then (DUN DUN DUN--not the bad dun dun dun, the good, happy one!)we finally made it to TNT (Thursday Night Thing). This is an art show that happens at MOCA in Downtown San Diego on the first Thursday of every month. There was some Very Very interesting stuff there.

Any who, so what ended up making my night was this: I was strolling through this elegant little hallway minding my own business until I realized: HOLY-SHITAKEE MUSHROOM CINDY SHERMAN is on the wall (one of my favorite artists). okay, maybe not that exciting to YOU, but to ME it was.

Also, another notable event of the night:
I stepped on a cockroach the size of Louisiana, that's right and i killed it, im a horrible person. ekk.

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