Monday, December 22, 2008

(chinatown is for lovers)

i am a lover, and therefore i love chinatown. and you might be wondering why i love chinatown? simple. because i love useless cheap stuff (like the super cool and cute pencil case and pencils), and the best food to ever exist on the face of the universe. that's right, i'm confident that it's better than anything that's ever been served on any other planet (is is getting too late or is this making any sense..or maybe im just on crack? haha).

anyway i'm driving up to the bay area tomorrow for some delicious holiday eatin', and am feeling a little bit homesick of all the good asian food up there.

speaking of going home, my parents are ancient and don't have internet connection, so MY contribution to out little baby blog will be slightly minimal...but maybe i'll be lucky and post from my guatemalan bean-hating boy friends house. :)

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