Saturday, December 20, 2008

(december's thursday night thing)

also known as TNT...well it was so amazingly cool (its in San Diego on the first Thursday of every month. This art show's theme was an eco-chick fashion show. Being from Berkeley, I was all over it, and maureen being way cool, was all over it too. The designs were so awesome, and i kind of loved everything they had, just because all clothing was crafted from recycled fabrics! i wish i had pictures to post, but we kind of forgot the camera, and were stuck with mo's iphone, which didn't work out so well.

anyways, this show really inspired me, i love to sew (i could do it for, just about....forever!) and i hope to sew some stuff from all the old fabric and clothes that i have lying around, so much fun!! This is just a silly little drawing of a dress fabric that needs to become something cute and wearable, and now that finals have stopped bugging me, i and totally making something out of it...and then selling it on my etsy account! woohoo!

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