Sunday, December 7, 2008

(robert.clergerie.diane need more be said)

holy crap, has anyone else been hit by the awesome realization that it is almost 2009? i mean seriously...when years start to go by super duper high-speed fast, it makes you feel like your really putting on the years. ha. GOOD GAWD i cant wait until i am twenty one, two thousand nine is my year baby!

anyways, new years calls for dressing up with class and such. I am planning to go with a little anonymous black dress. which can never fail you right? RIGHT.and you can NEVER fail by sprucing it up with some super duper expensive SHINY SHINY gladiator heels like THESE robert clergeries. I LUHH DEM TO DEAF. seriously, if i made hella money (cause they cost $735.95), these would be on my feet right this minute and i would wear them to bed. HOT, i know. now, back to reality, for those of us who dont make that much, i will be on the hunt for some low-brow knock offs. oh hells yes.

pace y amor.

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